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We develop tailor-made applications built to suit customers’ requirements. We also work on our own projects to make advantages of new technology viable. We constantly keep track of new developments in technology and we are avid to use them in flexible and expedient ways. We include open source code in our projects.

Customized software solutions

We offer a wide spectrum of software development, ranging from simple web applications to complex server infrastructure and embedded projects. Our customized solutions are tailored to the requirements of your projects instead of falling back on the same old patterns and techniques.

We cover all working steps, starting with planning and developing software up until maintenance services. We are happy to work together with your team and we are committed to stay in close contact during the work process. This way, we are able to avoid misunderstandings and to recognize new demands early on.

Our customer service is characterized by a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and wishes. We are competent to explain our complex technical solutions in a comprehensible way. It is our priority to work on clear targets and tasks together with our customers to enable feasible and consistent project management.

We are embedded in large developer networks: To realize extensive and complex projects we will cooperate with reliable professional partners of different backgrounds.

In house projects

In our own projects built from scratch, we are eager to make advances of new technologies accessible for everyone.

Among other things, we facilitate clear, fast and secure cross-platform communication on the internet by developing free tools. We also develop small programs and libraries, for example WebRTC infrastructure and template libraries, and make them available under open source licenses. You will find an overview on our Github profile. We adhere to German data protection law. Our software respects user privacy and handles user information with fairness and transparency. Our projects are not funded by advertising or data vending.

We are motivated by our interest and fun in programming and we wish to pass on our enthusiasm for technology. That is why we also dedicate our free time to non-profit open source projects and education programs for children and young people.