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We make an effort to find the right tool for every project instead of relying on cemented techniques. We are happy to get acquainted with new technology. Of course we also have a range of approved programming languages and technologies we like to use recurrently.

Web applications

Most of our web applications are based on JavaScript, or CoffeeScript, which we prefer for browser applications using JQuery as well as for server infrastructure thanks to Node.js. If possible we also use modern standards and technology such as HTML 5, Websockets or Bootstrap.


We place particular emphasis on WebRTC, a web standard for peer-to-peer real-time communication under ongoing development. Early on we have familiarized ourselves with WebRTC by working on a browser-to-browser videoconferencing system as part of the palava project.

Native Development

Even though web applications are far spread by now, we still attach importance to native development. Apart from classic desktop applications we focus on programming embedded systems as well as implementing system-oriented or performance-critical features into larger systems. We apply modern C++ using C++11 and Boost.